Saturday, October 26, 2013

Still Shinin'

Let your light so shine before men, 
that they may see your good works, 

and glorify your Father which is in heaven. 

Matthew 5:16 KJV

A little over a year ago, I embarked upon this blogging journey.
I was inspired and I went for it. 
It had to do with a little light that I wanted to rekindle within. . . 

"My Aunt Rose was my favorite aunt ever. She was a beautiful spirit. Wherever we went - in town, across town, out of town – she always came across someone she knew, and she always greeted them as if nothing could make her happier than to see that person in that moment. Her joy was contagious. Even strangers were drawn to her- to ask for help, to ask her opinion, or to share kind words in passing. As a child I watched these exchanges in awe. I silently wondered, "How many people can she possibly know?" Then, after a time, I began to accept it as a given. Now, my Aunt Rose was not a flashy woman or a social butterfly. She was simply a humble servant, a wife and mother, and active in her church. She was, as my mom called her, a beacon of light.

I used to have a bright light. I mean it was really bright. I could feel it and I know others could feel it too. Whether you call it a glow, the anointing, or an aura, I possessed it, and people were drawn to it. I speak of it in past tense because, sadly, my light has dimmed over time. Why? Well, because I haven't nurtured it and fed it. Even a roaring fire will burn itself out if it has nothing to fuel it. I have allowed circumstances to come between me and my light- the illness and passing of a couple of close friends, several moves, and various life challenges. 

I want my light back. I want to be that beacon of light that my Aunt Rose was. I have work to do, and for me, this blog is part of my process. As inspirational speaker Iyanla Vanzant says repeatedly on her show, “Fix My Life,” 

You Must Do The Work. I got my bright light in the first place because I did my work.  I worked on my healing, studied, prayed and asked the Lord to use me. Work is individual. For you, work may mean prayer, meditation, grieving your losses, making amends, forgiving yourself for past mistakes, etc. Work may be solo, with a counselor or elder, with a community to help you through, or all of the above. The point is that we do the work, and I’m doing it 

because I want my light to shine! "

I'm still working on my light. I’m still doing my work.

I’ll just be doing it in other ways. Thank you for your support. 

I hope I have managed to inspire you at some point along the way. 

This Little Light Of Mine
African Children's Choir

How is your light?

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  1. I do not discount what you feel. Please know, that for some of us, your light has never faded and you have always been an inspiration. Be blessed in your journey.


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